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About AXYZ International

AXYZ International is a leading global manufacturer of CNC router systems and CNC knife systems. Designed and built at their state of the art factory in Canada, AXYZ CNC routers are supplied and supported through a global network of sales and support offices and authorised dealers. With over 366,918 standard machine configurations, AXYZ specialise in matching machinery to customer’s unique needs and budgets.
All types of manufacturing operations are profiting from AXYZ technology developed over 25 years’ in the industry, such as; aluminium composites, sign and graphics, woodworking, plastic fabrication, point of purchase, metal fabrication, solid surface and many more.

What makes AXYZ fast?

AXYZ has changed the whole concept of speed, especially when delivering a customised machine. Back in the 1990s it could have been as much as thirty weeks or longer to build and deliver a machine. In 2015, with their exceptional manufacturing processes, AXYZ offer the shortest manufacturing lead times in the industry, averaging 4-6 weeks.
All AXYZ CNC router systems are engineered, manufactured and delivered to meet your exacting timescales. How you ask? Right from the beginning customers will notice their systematic approach to finding the right solution. A thorough assessment of organisational needs formulates a customised solution. A clear workflow means that their state-of-the-art machine building facility, aided by unique manufacturing processes is able to build the system as quickly and efficiently as possible.
The new system is then delivered and installed by a factory trained AXYZ engineer, followed by a custom training program tailored to the machine’s unique configuration.

What makes AXYZ direct?

The AXYZ International team believe it’s crucial for ongoing success to keep in touch with their clients. So much so, they have sales and support offices in Canada, the United States, the UK, Poland and India, enabling them to directly interact with more than 90% of their customers.
Direct contact be it physically, via the phone or the web, makes it not only easy to visit, research and purchase a CNC router, but it makes the after-sales service more approachable and invariably better. Each of their eleven locations have dedicated sales representatives which have the skills and knowledge to provide individual, bespoke product demonstrations, to ease your mind and answer your questions in a convenient location, close by. The after-sales service department operating under the CNCRoutershop brand have factory trained engineers on hand in each location ready to respond, whilst their 24/7 online store provides spare parts, software and online support, which means you are in direct contact with the factory.